Shipyard members
PROS OF A B.M.S (Base Supplier Agreement)  

  • Simplifying the relationship between Shipyard and Supplier´s.
  • Accessibility to the information of supplies ( quotes, technical specifications, prices…) just as a detailed analysis of data provided by the shipyards and the suppliers.
  • Achieving better rates and conditions with a total acquisition costs vision.
  • Guarantee of maintaining procurement conditions during validity period of the agreement, which saves resources and time analyzing spot prices and occasional quotes.
  • The supplier obtains the guarantee of spreading his quotes to all the Shipyard members without the necessity of customizing and launching each individual offer.
  • One interlocutor between COAPROA and supplier´s instead of one different with each Shipyard.
  • Negotiation of common conditions for all the Shipyard members ( Payment conditions, delivery time, transport..).

Volume of orders manage by COAPROA

The increasing magnitude of the B.A.S. signed by COAPROA during last four years, an exponential grown in the Volume of the orders managed.

Trust gave by the Shipyards to COAPROA, has made possible to Coaproa started managing ¿more essential? purchases for the Shipyards such as steel, industrial gases and electricity which nowadays represents a total volume manage more 20 M €.

Our shipyard members: