Our Company

Causes of our creation

COAPROA was founded as a result of:

1The necessity of competing against international markets in the Shipbuilding Industry.

2The high volume of purchasing and outsourcing manage in Shipbuilding.

3The necessity of establishing new ways of cooperation with suppliers, alowing them to achieve a higher integration in the Shipyard´s construction process.

4Achieving better scales economies by combination purchasing volumes of Shipyard members.


The Assotiation´s activity started in January 1993, to improve shipyard competiveness, trough a supporting service in the purchasing management according to the following projects carried out with the shipyard´s collaboration:

  • Negotiation of Basic Agreements of Supply. Basic Agreements of Supply establish a common scope of supply for all members. Consists in a contract drew up and signed by both parts detailing all conditions in order of being most helpful for both parts, specifying delivery time, prices, technical information, payment conditions, shipyard’s member.
  • Analysis purchasing information. Detailed analysis of data provided by the shipyards and the suppliers. Also comprises, research and preparation of comparative reports available for the shipyards just as assessment and orientation tasks in choosing providers, using our global knowledge about the market.
  • Creation and maintenance Supplier’s Data Base. Nowadays there is technical information and data contacts available about 2.500 national and international suppliers, and more than 10.500 products used in marine field.
  • Searching new procucts and Suppliers: COAPROA always maintains an active attitude searching new products and services for shipyards, selecting them with the goal of maintaining and increasing the level of quality in their current procurements. With this proposal COAPROA organizes and attends to technical symposiums, also boosts exhibition attendance conferences, supplyer´s facilities.

Evolution of COAPROA

An exhaustive analysis of the purchasing carried out by the shipyards in the past, gives to COAPROA data for studying and obtaining the critical supplies and the opportunity of signing Basic Agreements of Supply in order to simplify the relationship between the Shipyard and the Supplier. The chance was there and from COAPROA we keep working to achieve new agreements and maintain those already signed with the goal of getting the better solution for the Shipyards and for the Suppliers.

Our shipyard members: